The Bernie House is part of the solution to those made homeless due to domestic violence. Providing survivors longer term transitional housing program. Allowing time to build important support structures, the opportunity to heal, build confidence and become financially stable. Our mission is to provide a safe home without violence for families in crisis. Preparing survivors of domestic violence for the next step, stability and success in permanent housing.

     .........For as long as we allow family violence to remain in the shadows, it will do just that – remain. We must be vigilant. Risk of family violence is currently very high and will likely remain that way for the coming months. If you see or hear something concerning, please report it. The call you make may very well save a life.

      Wishing you and yours good health.



                                             With appreciation,



                                             Patricia H. Slaughter

                                             Founder & CEO

The Bernie House is an IRS designated 501©3 non-profit organization our tax ID # 23-7237295